Latinoamérica 2019

Summary and winning projects.

COMPETITION RULES  2019 | COMPETITION TOPIC 2019 | JURY REPORT  (Only available in Spanish)


On September 25th, the 1st Edition of DOCEXDOCE Latin America took place where, thanks to the XIV MUNDANEUM International Architecture Re-union, for the first time Latin American students could compete with the 'DOCE' format (12 hours + hidden topic + free registration) after three years of operation in Europe.

This 1st edition had 8 'DOCEXDOCE Embassies' distributed between Mexico, Chile and Peru; plus 6 special Mundaneum Embassies in Argentina. The competition was received with great enthusiasm and the results show the existing talent of Latin America. A total of 1585 architecture students (491 teams) from 106 different universities were able to enjoy a unique day as part of their training as future architects.

The chosen theme (totally kept secret until the day of the competition) gave continuity to the themes chosen in previous European editions: a space of opportunity within a consolidated urban fabric. The students were not asked to develop a specific program or use but to propose the best new use in a problematic context without a programmed architectural solution but with many historical and current stimuli around it. The location chosen for the Latin American students was the abandoned urban space destined for the construction of the Guggenheim in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.  

"It is time to reflect on one of the most controversial ports that has generated both locally and for the global architectural community in recent years: South Harbour. This urban space accumulates years of stagnation at an urban level and there are several failed proposals to be implemented there; the best known is, without a doubt, the Helsinki Guggenheim Museum. After the city's opposition to the construction of the Guggenheim in South Harbour, we discovered that the space destined for this project does not establish relations of proximity with its context and has remained too long inactive. This place is a great opportunity to propose a new use in a historical environment. It is the opportunity to provide new stimuli that respond to and complement the quality of the city. The participants had a piece of this historical shore that lends itself to new and surprising realities.  Never before has this question been posed to architecture students, now it is they who have decided the future of Helsinki".

The jury meeting was held at the MUNDANEUM XIV Re-union Congress, which took place from 2 to 5 October 2019 in Mendoza, Argentina. The selection of the 12 winning projects was made by the jury in two phases: Phase 1 (individual) and Phase 2 (collective). The jury was composed by Álvaro Rojas (Costa Rica), Carlos Jiménez (Costa Rica/USA), Cazú Zegers (Chile), Fabio Ayerra (Uruguay) + Marcos Castaings (Uruguay), Antonio Cayuelas (Spain), Federico Soriano (Spain) + Dolores Palacios (Spain), Guillermo Honles (El Salvador/USA), Mía Lehrer (USA), Michael Lehrer (USA). ), Francisco Moskovits (Argentina), Andrea Lanziani (Argentina), Mónica Bertolino (Argentina), Fredy Massad (Argentina/Spain), Stella Lopez Frasca (Argentina), Nicolás Martínez Rueda [founder of DOCEXDOCE and co-organizer DOCEXDOCE Latin America] (Spain) + Rocío López Berenguer [co-organizer DOCEXDOCE Latin America] (Spain).