Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

Promote your business while supporting young talents! 

We are looking for the economic support of companies who believe in our values of teamwork and innovation. We want to assure maximum equality and that implies making students able to participate completely free! We strongly believe we can make a positive impact in the world of competitions and the way young people learn architecture!


Why sponsor DOCEXDOCE?

DOCEXDOCE is a experimental architecture competitions that works in Europe, Latin America and India with an experience of 9 competitions already organized. Thanks to our unique system in the world, in the last European edition we had an organic reach of nearly 500,000 people on social networks and we accumulated more than 5,300 participants (all architecture students) in the last 3 editions. Furthermore, in the last year, we have built a network of more than 30collaborating Universities (Schools of Architecture) around the world.


1. Expand your company’s awareness

DOCEXDOCE is a form of award-winning and ambitious individuals. Engaging with such a collective since their university studies will help you to raise your brand significantly.


2. Collaborate with future professionals

By sponsoring DOCEXDOCE you get the chance to expand your popularity with talented creative students who can express further interest with you in the upcoming future. 


3. Unlimited targeted marketing

Sponsoring DOCEXDOCE not only gives your brand visibility on our platforms, but it inspires designers to have your company as a reference for creating their future projects.


4. Flexible options

DOCEXDOCE can offer you various sponsoring options depending on your aims. We are flexible to arrange the best deal which can range from sponsoring a single prize to becoming the one and only sponsor for a competition edition.

Some agencies and companies we have worked with.


How to sponsor DOCEXDOCE?

Choose what type of sponsorship your brand is looking for. We previously experienced these types of sponsorships:


1. Economical Sponsorship

You can choose single/multiple awards to sponsor for even several DOCEXDOCE editions. If you are looking for exclusivity, you can become the one and only sponsor for a specific edition too. By this means your brand will gain a higher impact of newcomers as well as giving the chance to participants to join DOCEXDOCE competitions completely free. This will cause a bigger inscription impact meaning your brand will reach out to more individuals.


2. Materialistic Sponsorship

DOCEXDOCE tends to offer additional awards apart from the economical prize. In previous editions, we have had a diverse set of well-known architectural magazines, books, illustrations and online courses/subscriptions. 

3. Advertising Sponsorship

If you are looking for a different approach you can help us advertise DOCEXDOCE announcements. This can be an interesting deal if you are looking for our audience to follow your online platforms.

4. Mixed/Other Sponsorship

The options above are a guideline of potential ways to collaborate, nevertheless DOCEXDOCE is open to discuss other alternatives which may suit your brand best.

To express your interest or other queries, contact us to
Our team will be able to assist you as soon as possible to rearrange further discussions!