Host an exhibition

Host an exhibition

Host an exhibition with DOCEXDOCE! 

1. Embassy Institutions

DOCEXDOCE highly recommends your institution to make the most of the work done by creating an exhibition. In previous editions we have had the occasion to do so and it surely became a great way for celebrating the satisfaction achieved as a collective. It is crucial to demonstrate that your institution is proud to show and announce the work made by your students.


2. Other Institutions

If your institution is interested to have an exhibition about DOCEXDOCE or an specific edition due to its theme or any other factor, the team is inclined in creating this collaboration too!

Given the uncertainties with covid-19, we understand an exhibition as we know of may be complicated. Nevertheless we can work our way through alternatives to make it happen!


To express your interest or other queries, contact us to
Our team will be able to assist you as soon as possible to rearrange further discussions!