A new experience in architecture competitions

Summary and winning projects.




Studying such a bachelor program requires a strong effort with uncertain and unatractive expectatives of future which leads the students to a situation that doesn’t fit their expectatives. Against this reality there isn’t any way but to be reinventive. DOCEXDOCE was born as a competition adapted to the present, organized by and for students and marked by the daily life of the architecture students. A way of giving priority to the work of many colleagues that want to take advantage of every opportunity to show off their talent, knowledge and hard-working. Twelve hours to find a solution to a given problem is not as easy as it seems. Work-in-team skills are required, the techniques to generate creative architecture acquire a huge relevance, having a wide cultural background could be the key to shape your project and the stress felt within these twelve hours makes you develop those skills you never knew you had. The competition, thus, is seen as a day of working with your friends and colleagues in which coming up with a final result is a matter of satisfaction. Although next day there will be practices on installation to present and models for projects to make, a new perception of time and capacity of production will be achieved.

It is shown that, in the first edition, there were ways of generating creative ideas to solve spoiled spaces within the city, in this case, the so called Botellodromo of Granada. For that reason we might expect the institutions to open their minds to the proposals of all of the students among the 23 participant universities. 12.070 likes have been reached and the projects were shared 1.050 times through Facebook. This demonstrates that architecture is not a boundary for anybody.


See you on the second edition,

Nicolás Martínez Rueda.