Spoken numbers

Summary and winning projects.




( [65°00’44” N; 35°10’31” N], [8°36’39” W; 49°07’19” E] ),

These numbers might be the least useful summary that can be made from the competition in 2018. However, moving among them and travelling to 18 April, we could meet each and everyone of the 689 students particiapting in the 2nd edition of DOCEXDOCE.
This trip would allow us to follow the sun from Kazan to Porto, or emigrate by following our compass from Nicosia to Oulu. Those are the cities with the most extreme latitudes and longitudes, respectively, with a registry of teams signed up and their corresponding university.

(31° 14′ 40″ N, 121° 29′ 21″ E),

The workplace for all of them: Shanghai.
A space of unique opportunity which was located at the connection of the Huangpu river and the Wansung canal, with a priviledge view to the city skyline. An empty plot in an established urban fabric, with echoes of the rich history it possesses, which lives beside all of the elements that generate its current super development. Whic atmosphere deserves this opportunity? What new uses can be generated in the city where everything is buildable?

8268 hours, 334’5 days, 49’2 weeks or 11’48 months,

We're talking about the total time invested in answering this problem we posed; a student would have needed almost  a year of life to generati this array of proporsals!

DOCEXDOCE is thus becoming a source of solutions, an immensely helpful optimised tool when locating and solving complex problems or more simple ones. A mechanism is continuing to grow and become more professional, available to anyone who sees its potential and bets on the value of the colective.


However, it would be a mistake to settle with all of the above and forget this project does not just stay there. DOCEXDOCE aspires to have its own life and generate interactions between subjects spread out among themselves. Synergies that recover and create friendships, that allows us to converse closely with impactful professor and get to know those who unfortunately can no longer teach us, which allow young architects to always be students and those who formally are to make the jump into the professional world. The numbers speak for themselves.
See you in the third edition.
Nicolás Martínez Rueda,
DOCEXDOCE creator.