DOCEXDOCE was born in Europe in 2017 with a unique experimental format. An exciting competition for motivated architecture students about contemporary problems and opportunities in cities nowadays.

DOCE, our original competing system: twelve hours of continuous work to get one of twelve awards. A hidden theme until the start of the competition and zero fees ensures maximum equality among all the participants.

In DOCE there are two systems of team participation. An online mode, to work from anywhere in the world, and an on-site mode in one of our DOCEXDOCE EMBASSIES: collaborating universities that provide spaces for different teams to work under one roof creating a unique experience.

DOCEXDOCE winning teams from Europe, Latin America and India last editions




DOCEXDOCE is not a regular competition. Since the ambassadors system was born, we create a famliy of active students and young architects all around the world that collaborates organizing exhibitions, research on architecture competitions and how to improve them, conferences or even filming a short documentary of our competition day experience. For more info check our new Dossier 2021.

DOCEXDOCE is a contest created by and for students, that is free thanks to the sponsors. Contestants train skills useful for tehe professional life while having fun and without being aware of it: time management, decision making and work distribution on time.

After 4 successful editions in Europe, we exported DOCEXDOCE to Latin America in 2019 and to Indiain 2020. Despite the succes of the DOCE competing system, the COVID issues forced us to stop the embassies system and creating the new 54 hours system with the LIVING TO TELL THE TALE competition. The first global competition with new participants invited to take part: graphic design and fine arts students.


DOCEXDOCE competition themes from Europe, Latin America and India last editions

Check some of ours Competition Topics from last editions in Europe, India (both English) and Latin America (Spanish) 
or get to know the Competition Rules documents from last editions in Europe or India (English) and Latin America (Spanish)