1. Our Aim



DOCEXDOCE is delighted to announce the 5th edition of DOCEXDOCE Europe, in association with, and thanks to, generous support from Europan Europe. The competition aims to highlight students’ work and ability to generate solutions to problems of the contemporary city. DOCEXDOCE invites architecture and landscape students in Europe to get involved with this unique event and take the opportunity to interact with others from a wide variety of architecture schools.

2. The Competition Day

This contest is held in Europe and will last for 12 hours as follows:

Wednesday, November 9
from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

[GMT+1, Paris-Berlin-Madrid local time]

3. Participation Requirements & Entry Process

All participants must fulfil the following requirements: prove to be an undergraduate/master architecture or landscape student in any public or private School of Architecture during 2022.

Students wishing to participate must complete the application form online, available at www.docexdoce.org/sign-up. Participant registration will remain open until the 6th of November 2022 or until all places have been filled on a first-come basis. There is no entry fee; the competition is entirely free. Participation in the contest entails full acceptance of the rules.

4. Competition Theme

The competition topic is kept a secret throughout the registration process. It will be disclosed at 09:00 AM on the morning of the competition via a dossier sent to all teams. There will be enough written and visual information about the chosen site within this dossier so that participating teams can fully understand the topic and submit a rich project. All necessary information regarding project submission (content, size, format, etc.) will also be included in this dossier. Each project submission, of which there can be one only per team, must be uploaded digitally to the competition website. Proposals sent after the deadline will not be considered during the jury meeting.

5. Participation System

Participants must enter the competition in teams of 2 - 4 members and individuals can not be members of more than one team. All team members must be ready to provide evidence of their student status on the competition day through the website.

There are two ways to participate:

A. On-site.

Work at any of our collaborating Architecture Schools (DOCEXDOCE Embassies) organised by local students/young architects (DOCEXDOCE Ambassadors) throughout Europe. Each school will set up a workroom for the teams. Limited places (*)

B. Online.
Work from anywhere, as all the information to compete will be available online.

6. Languages

The primary language of this competition is English. Every competition document will be provided exclusively in English. However, competition entries will be accepted in English, French or any of the other national official languages of ours DOCEXDOCE Embassies:

Among others, this includes Italian (Embassy of Rome), Bulgarian (Embassy of Sofia), Romanian (Embassy of Bucharest), Bosnian (Embassy of Sarajevo), Spanish + Catalan (Embassies of Granada+Barcelona), etc. Check the final list of embassies during the registration process or at the end of this document.

7. Prizes

A total of 12 prizes (economically valued at 4.000 €) + 20 finalists will be distributed as follows:

1st PRIZE: 1.500 €

2nd PRIZE: 1.000 €

3rd PRIZE: 500 €

x8 HONORABLE MENTIONS: 100 € (per team)

AUDIENCE AWARD: architecture magazines of your choice up to 200 €

x20 FINALISTS: official certificate (per team)

All prizes are coupled with an official certificate. The publication of the winning projects and their authors will be promoted on specialised architecture websites, as well as the presentation of exhibitions by the collaborating DOCEXDOCE Embassies. Economic quantities of the prizes refer to the money spent by the organisation. The final amount received by winning teams may vary depending on bank transfer conditions and applicable taxes of their country of origin.

The Audience Award is chosen through our social networks. DOCEXDOCE will select up to 50% of successfully submitted projects to publish for the entire community to vote on. The voting for this prize will take place in the time between the end of the competition and the publication of the jury’s decision. Further information on this voting will be provided after the competition has concluded.

Votes that the organisation considers are made via bots or fake profiles will automatically be excluded.

8. Jury

An international jury is in charge of evaluating the projects and deciding on the winners. The jury will evaluate all entries individually and anonymously. The jury is composed of professional architects, urban planners and University professors from Europan Europe Scientific and Technical Committee, Europan 16 winners and DOCEXDOCE previous jury members. The final list of jury members is composed by:

MIRIAM GARCÍA GARCÍA | Ph.D in architecture, landscape architect, LANDLAB - Barcelona (ES)

Miriam García is the founder and principal of LANDLAB, with projects in spatial planning, landscape and urban design. Her research and professional practice are linked to landscape and ecology as drivers of change in plans and projects at multiple scales. In this sense, many of the studies and projects focus on the resilience of coastal environments, urban or metropolitan, to the effects of climate change.

BERND VLAY | architect, StudioVlayStreeruwitz, teacher - Wien (AT)

Bernd Vlay is founder and co-director of StudioVlayStreeruwitz, an office which has been realizing large scale urban and architectural projects, combining architecture, urbanism and research from local to translocal scales. Since 1999 he has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 2003 he was guest-professor at Cornell University in Ithaca/New York and in 2019 he received with his partner Lina Streeruwitz the Federal Award “Hans Hollein Art-Price for Architecture“.

TOMAS GARCÍA PÍRIZ | Ph.D in architecture, architect, CUAC Arquitectura & Tomás García Píriz Arquitectura - Granada (ES)

Tomás García is Associate Professor of the Department of Architectural Graphic Expression and Engineering at the School of Architecture of Granada, Spain. His work and research deals with topics related to landscape, infrastructure and the dynamics of change in the 21st century city or the relationship between heritage and contemporary architecture. His work and research has been widely awarded and exhibited at events such as the Venice Biennial (‘08, ‘16 and ‘21), Spanish Architecture Biennal, etc.

CÉLINE BODART | Ph.D in architecture, architect, professor – Paris (FR)

Céline Bodart holds a professional degree in Architecture and a post-graduate diploma in Architecture & Philosophy. She also graduated in the Experimental Program in Political Arts (SPEAP) from Sciences Po Paris. Ph.D in Architecture from the University of Paris8 (FR) in co-supervision with the University of Liège (BE), she currently teaches at the School of Architecture (ENSA) of Paris La Villette (FR). With Chris Younès, she has co-edited several publications.

The jury’s decision is final and will be made public in less than 8 weeks from the completion of the contest. The jury members reserve the right not to award prizes if they consider it appropriate.

9. Others

Participation in the competition will automatically imply the acceptance of all the terms indicated in this document. Participants in this competition agree to give DOCEXDOCE the right to publish, disseminate and market, jointly or individually, the winning works and adapt work to suit different formats (digital or paper). This is without prejudice to the recognition of their condition as authors of the work carried out.

Mosaic and list of the 15 European schools of architecture supporting as DOCEXDOCE Embassy the 5th edition of DOCEXDOCE Europe, supported by Europan, by alphabetic order per country:

1. Polis University Tirana (ALBANIA)
2. University of Sarajevo (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)
3. University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia (BULGARIA)
4. University of Zagreb (CROATIA)
5. Technical University of Liberec (CZECH REPUBLIC)
6. La Sapienza Università di Roma (ITALY)
7. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (LITHUANIA)
8. University of Skopje (MACEDONIA)
​9. University of Malta (MALTA)
10. Warsaw University of Technology (POLAND)
11. Ion Mincu University (ROMANIA)
12. University of Belgrade (SERBIA)
13. ‘ETSA del Vallès’ Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona (SPAIN)
14. University of Granada (SPAIN)
15. Middle East Technical University, Ankara (TURKEY)