EUROPAN is a prestigious organisation that has supported young architects and shaped the competition space in Europe for over +30 years.

Europan holds biannual competitions for architects, urban planners and landscape designers under 40. They are a collective that provides research platforms through ‘think tanks’ and publications as a tool for European cities to implement innovative strategies.

Europan embodies the evolving nature of a living city, discussing topics of the utmost relevance in the everchanging sphere of architecture and urbanism. We encourage you to learn more about how you can get involved and, most importantly, compete in Europan’s next competition!

The upcoming session E17 will launch at the end of March 2023, with over 40 sites to work with under the topic ‘Living Cities’, for the second time after the E16 session. 

Once again, we would like to thank Europan for their support and contribution to the 5th edition of DOCEXDOCE Europe.





LIVING CITIES 2  |  launch 22 03 2023  |  limit date for entries 30 07 2023



WHAT IS EUROPAN?  text extracted from the brochure LIVING CITIES 2

Europan is shaping the idea of a Europe of the young architectural, urban and landscape design by generating European countries around competitions of urban-architectural projects and professional exchanges in these fields of design. Europan does so within the framework of the sustainable city and the qualitative changes that it operates, and taking into consideration the economy of resources, new mobilities and the enhancement of natural spaces.

Europan addresses European cities in search of innovative urban answer to the evolution of lifestyles and environment.

Europan offers young European professionals of the architectural and urban design the possibility to express new ideas in projects that contribute to the development of the European cities, and we help implement operations that materialise these ideas. 

In this context, Eurpan sets up professionals and cultural exchanges so as to better share what is common to the European countries and cities, and to benefit from each other's experiences while asserting the national, regional and local specificities.


Get to know more about the E17 theme LIVING CITIES 2 by checking the pre-E17 brochure previously mentioned or visiting soon.




The E16 Results Catalogue constitutes a unique panorama in Europe of young European talented designers working between the territorial, urban and architectural scales.

It presents at the European scale the 127 prize-winning projects of the sixteenth session in 40 cities from 9 participating countries, taking into account the theme of the session Living Cities. The projects of 40 winners, 41 runners-up and 46 special mentions are classified into 3 main thematic families:

1. REVITALIZATION: Reinforcing Biodiversity | Transforming from the Infrastructures | Making Territories Performative
2. RECOVERY: Intensifying Districts | Stimulating Interfaces | Dynamizing Landscapes
3. CARE: Valorizing Natural Elements and Landscapes | Dealing with New Uses ! Reinventing Rurality and Productive Heritage

Each of these three themes –Revitalization, Recovery, Care– is introduced by three points of view of experts putting into perspective a selection of projects in relation to the theme.

Each site is presented by an interview of the representative around the issues of the Living Cities and their visions on metabolism and inclusiveness, giving a better understanding of the local issues.

Each project is presented through images, a text of the team and the point of view of the jury (for the winners and runners-up).