Beyond barries

Summary and winning projects.

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The fourth edition of DOCEXDOCE Europe was based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A vibrant and historic city, Belfast was a primary site of conflict during 'The Troubles' (1968-1988), which lead to ongoing sectarian tension. While Protestant and Catholic communities live as close neighbors, a deep division has proven challenging to heal.

We asked participants to consider 'interface architecture' and we choose a specific area of conflict within the city. The Inner East (Protestant) and Short Strand (Catholic), along with the prime example of severed Madrid, a tall brick wall topped with barbed wire separating the waring communities, was the main focus. 

Participants were free to propose an intervention anywhere within the realm of the two communities. They could use the existing infrastructure, remove structures and propose the development of new structures. While being encouraged to think optimistically and intellectually we issued the following questions as prompts:

Can architecture play a role in the reduction of violence, fear, anxiety, and destruction in Belfast?

Are there architectural alternatives to walls?

How can integration be encouraged, and is it necessary?